Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Feminism scares people. Just reading the word can make us cringe, and hearing it most likely makes us think of aggressive, bra-burning women who hate men and love combat boots, cigarettes, and defying the man. And while that's all well and good if you identify with that group, that's not what feminism necessarily means. You can be a girly girl who loves peachy pink lipsticks, baking cupcakes and getting flowers from your boyfriend. You can be a stay-at-home mom loving the domestic life you've created, a powerhouse single woman working her way up the corporate ladder, or, like many of us, you can lay somewhere in between. The only thing that matters is that we live our lives with a consciousness of equality: women deserve to be treated equally to men, whether that means in the boardroom or the bedroom. We've come such a long way towards equality, but there are still miles to go. This blog is a space for us to explore the possibilities of feminine feminism and how we can embrace the girly life we desire while living the equality we deserve. Thanks for reading!

Madison xx